Front & Rear ALL FULL HD

2CH – 1080p@30fps FHD & FHD / NIGHT VISION
ADAS – LDWS, FCWS, FVDW / Wi-Fi function
Prevent Battery Discharge / Format Free (Auto recovery system)
The minimum electricity consumption (2.9W / 2CH basis)


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems


The IROAD Q9 is equipped with the Road Safety Warning System that provides audio and visual
alerts for Lane Departure (LDWS), Front Collision (FCWS) and Front Vehicle Departure (FVDW).
It detects road markings and gives voice warnings to the drivers if the vehicle begins to stray from its lane or when
it is at risk of an imminent crash.

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  • LDWS

    Lane departure warning system

    LDWS operates in a way that the front camera recognizes the road lane in real time and, if the driver falls asleep while driving or drives poorly, causing the car to depart the lane, it will notify about it through the preset warning sound.
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  • FCWS

    Forward collusion warning system

    The FCWS function calculates the average distance from the vehicle in front and alerts the driver in advance when reaching the range of safe breaking distance in order to prevent a collision.
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  • FVDW

    Front Vehicle Departure Warning

    Front Vehicle Departure Warning is for generating an warning upon start of a vehicle in front of the subject vehicle guring stop and waiting for a signal. intelligent smart system for driver’s convenience



Videos recorded by a dash cam in a low light environment such as dark alleyway or underground parking lot can pose difficulties when you try to accurately identify information from the image.

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IROAD NIGHT VISION employs the new ISP (Image Signal Processing) technology and the real-time image processing function to brighter images than our earlier models when recorded under nighttime parking mode.



Easy to Wi-Fi Wireless


Wi-Fi is automatically connected after running IROAD application and regularly check whether it is updated with the latest version.

The most convenient Wi-Fi function which IROAD has to offer, patent obtained.
Wi-Fi function for other existing in-car cameras is rather give users a real hassle and is hard to connect.
IROAD App provides automatic connection/disconnection function

(i.e. Wi-Fi is automatically connected after running IROAD mobile application, disconnected after exiting the application.)



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    Wi-Fi is automatically connected after running IROAD application and regularly check whether it is updated with the latest version.

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    Users are able to watch front/rear live screen. Date, time, voltage and travelling speed and GPS info are all shown on the bottom of the screen.

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    Front/Rear recordings can be played using smartphone. The recordings saved in the smartphone can be simply uploaded to Youtube, SNS and more.

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    On the settings in the mobile application, users can steer the following : Resolution, frame, recording mode, sensor sensitivity, time and date, memory capacity allocation and voltage control(uninterrupted power/low voltage cut-off)



Powerful Hardware, Stable high FHD quality


Improved Full HD recording with reliability and performance with a powerful CPU

IROAD Q9 with powerful hardware, ARM Cortex-A7 MP Core Processor V3, performs stable and highend FHD recordings. And 2M(B) FHD image sensor provides more clear expression even especially in a low light environment at night. ISP(Image Signal Processing) technology supports more clear saving and image shaking correction performance

Dual 30FRS Beautiful Record

IROAD Q9 provides front/rear 30 frames each that seamless recording helps to recognize surroundings such as number plate of front vehicle precisely

A Wide viewing angle

IROAD Q9 is 142-degrees angle wide, records the front and rear view of the vehicle in Full HD.

Provides optimal wide ratio to record left/right distortion-free footage and its wide viewing angle enables to record wider to the left and the right. More things will be recorded.

The minimum electricity consumption

2.9W (2CH basis)

The half of electric consumption is in lesser need than other products since it releases heat from electric circuit
2CH basis(12V, LCD OFF basis) : 2.9W




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  • Continuous Recording Mode

    When the car engine is started, the device is automatically turned on and starts recording on driving mode.

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  • Event Recording Mode

    During parking or driving, when a motion & Impact is detected within the vehicle, it will automatically start an event recording.

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  • Motion detection & Parking Mode

    24 Hour recording while Parking

    Safe parking to support the recording mode to protect the vehicle, even when parked.

    advanced parking mode, the engine starts up automatically once it is detected by the car (when using uninterrupted fuse cable). It can easily determine when entering parking mode in order to switch the recording modes more accurately.

    Front and rear camera automatically detects movement before any motion.

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  • LBP

    Battery discharge prevention function

    Low voltage cut-off function(uninterrupted power) is embedded

    For the purpose of battery protection, automatically detects and cuts off voltage when the voltage drops below certain point. Once initiated, recording is stopped and power is turned off. The motion detection function is effective for saving battery.

    IROAD Q9 Uninterrupted Fuse Cable is the basic component. You don’t need to be purchased separately.

Format Free & Data Recovery

adopted format free technology and manipulation prevention technology

JDR format free recording way that records every second not as usual as 30sec or 1min can be defragmented to minimize possibility of fragmentations. No necessarily need to format and it brings increase of lifespan of MicroSD card.

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  • Format Free

    Stable, all new concept file format

    JDR format, the next generation format system after AVI and MP4 format, is applied to improve the security of saved data.

    Recordings are automatically saved in a main memory unit and it is much safer than previously used format
    JDR format does not require deleting the whole files in a memory card regularly, whereas other existing in-car cameras do require it.

    Automatic rebooting function which IROAD provides guarantees the safety of the device and its saved

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  • Data Recovery

    Saved recordings auto recovery function

    Keep saved data safe with automatic recovery function Damaged files or even mistakenly deleted files are automatically recovered once a MicroSD memory card is reinserted onto the camera.

    And also it assigned to a block of data to a certain size, and can optionally adjust the amount of data that the user wants to record to allocate space according to their size.

    JDR format recordings can be played via PC dedicated viewer and Smartphone.


Supports large capacity memory of up to 128GB


So that genuine IROAD memory cards can always record High Definition video, rear Full-HD 30-frame, strictly tested to ensure best speed and image storage stability.
Applying the format and recording systems in order to support large memory of up to 64GB, you can store plenty of high quality images for a longer time.

Please use our genuine memory card.

*[16GB] 2CH/FHD*FHD/30fps : About 3H 10Min
*[32GB] 2CH/FHD*FHD/30fps : About 7H 20Min
*[64GB] 2CH/FHD*FHD /30fps : About 14H
*[128GB] 2CH/FHD*FHD /30fps : About 28H

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  • Dedicated
    PC Viewer

    Front and Rear images playback (PIP)
    Image zoom in
    Night recording calibration and Drawing a traffic lane
    Converting recording files (Converting file format)
    Various system configuration

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  • External

    Accurate speed and location information provided
    Synched with google map, External GPS keeps track of travelling speed and location of a moving vehicle and records the information.
    External GPS is a separate (optional) item.

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  • Automatic
    Rebooting Function

    When you set a certain time for rebooting, video recording will be stopped for the time being and the camera will be rebooted.
    Automatically checks the memory card error during reboot time and organize data storage.

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  • voice guidance
    voice recording

    You will hear such things as Start recording, event occurred, wifi connected etc. from the voice guidance that inform you each time something changes.
    The high quality microphone is embedded in the device and it is useful as an evidence for an accident.

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  • All Glass

    The lens of the camera used is covered with all glass and they endure low and high temperature and are not affected by them.
    Optimal image is realized by ALL glass covered lens which endures both low and high temperature, instead of glass plus plastic combined one.

    highly durable enough to endure high and low temperature in order to keep the device running stably.

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  • Security
    LED Light

    LED enables us to check the device more easily as it doesn’t have screen. You will be able to tell if it is recording or when it is booting up.

    Especially, the LED can protect your car from getting damaged by other people as it will appear to them that the camera is in recording mode.

    Security LED can be turn on-off in smart phone app and pc viewer.

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  • Power ON/OFF

    Switching on and off IROAD Q9 is easy to use by power buttons when not using

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  • Smart Auto

    Automatic firmware upgrade is initiated via wifi. Think it as your smartphone. No more hassle from updating the cameras.


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  • KC

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  • FC

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  • CE

About The Device




Dimension 110 x 48 x 20 mm Weight 83g


Camera 2.0Mega Pixel Image Sensor
Resolution Front & Rear: Full HD (1920 x 1080P)
Frame Front & Rear: 30fps
Degrees 142 º
CPU ARM Cortex-A7 MP Core Processor V3
Wi-Fi Smartphone playback/settings, Firmware automatic upgrade
ADAS LDWS(Lane departure warning system)
FCWS(Forward collusion warning system)
FVDW(Front Vehicle Departure Warning)
LBP Cut-off and booting voltage settings(Constant power)
G Sensor Axis Accelerometer G-Sensor (3D, ±3G)
GPS External GPS Antenna ((In conjunction with Google Maps to check the location and speed)
Capacity Micro SD 4GB ~ 128GB (recommended type MLC Class10)
Recording Modes Normal(driving)mode, Event(impact)mode, Parking(Motion Detection) mode, Voice recording
Audio Speaker (effect sound for informing operational status and 34 kinds of voice guidance voice guidance supported),Microphone embedded
Video H.264 / ADPCM
Temperature -30 ~ 80 º C (Storage temperature : -30 ~ 90 º C)
Humidity 10 ~ 95%
ETC Security LED / Operation Status LED/ GPS Receiver LED
PC viewer Windows Xp, VISTA, Win7, Win8 (32Bit ~ 64Bit support)

IROAD App (Android 2.3, iOS 9.0 or higher version)

What’s in the BOX

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  • Front Camera
    & Wi-Fi Dongle
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  • Rear
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  • IROAD Genuine
    Micro SD 32GB
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  • Uninterrupted
    Fuse Cable
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  • Rear Camera
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  • Use rManual
    & Uble-side Tape


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  • IROAD Genuine
    MicroSD 64GB
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  • External GPS
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  • Cigar Jack
    Power Cable